Creating Closeness One Relationship at a Time

Relationship Solutions Center focuses on working with relationship issues.  This includes intimate, work, family and peer relationships.  In addition to exploring your relationship with others, our practice focuses on the connection you have with yourself.

Our philosophy encourages solution-focused strategies with the identification of problematic or negative thoughts that contribute to negative self-esteem, feelings of depression and/or anxiety.

We help individuals identify thought patterns and learn new skills that help them live in the solution rather than the problem. When your self-esteem is low or when you are not empowered to make healthy choices, if often leads to resentment or anger in a relationship. These issues can sometimes create unhealthy power struggles because you do not want to be or feel wrong. 

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We specialize in:

  • Developing a consistent, positive self-image.
  • Increasing confidence.
  • Increasing sense of personal power.
  • Adjusting to various life changes.
  • Improving communication.
  • Enhancing intimacy.
  • Building stress management and coping skills.
  • Acquiring different parenting skills.

A diamond is a piece of coal under extreme pressure.  We at Relationship Solutions Center see the diamond you are and help you polish yourself through understanding, developing new skills and taking action to a healthy happy life.

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