Relationship Conflicts: Where Did the Love Go?
User: drirgang
Date: 11/2/2009 7:46 pm
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Relationships are seldom as simple as we would like. They bring out our needs, anxieties, and conflicts with people from our past – parents, friends, and former partners. When we enter into a relationship we expect to be loved just for being who we are.  A relationship should provide a safe zone where our partner  values us for expressing our own uniqueness. This is a simple expectation. Indeed, this is the way most relationships start out. Why, then, does it seem so hard to maintain this ideal, blissful state of unconditional love over time?

Read this article to understand more about the impact of your early family relationships on your current (and past) romantic relationships.  This article will help you become aware of your behavior and thought patterns and will ask questions to help start the process of creating change. 



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