Do you have a difficult time relaxing due to racing thoughts?
Do you feel uptight or panicked?
Do you have trouble sleeping, frequent headaches, or butterflies in your stomach?

We live in a fast paced 24/7 culture that gives us a strong message that more is better - We spend so much of our life doing more, expecting more, buying more, working more ... and then wonder why we are filled with anxiety and fear of almost everything?
Our relaxation techniques at the Relationship Solutions Center have been proven effective to release anxiety from the self. We teach you ways to nurture and care for yourself in today's world. (Click on this link for an interactive demonstration of the effects of stress on your physical health.)

We teach you how to differentiate healthy concerns from unproductive fears and anxieties. When you can identify a healthy concern versus unnecessary worry, then you can choose actions that will produce positive results.  Depression and self-esteem issues can sometimes manifest as anxiety.  We treat the whole relationship through gentle solution-focused strategies.

If peace is what you are striving for, and you desire to be worry and anxiety-free, the licensed professionals at Relationship Solutions Center can help you.

Take control of your life and well being.

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