Do you find it difficult to identify and make choices?
Do you feel that people “walk all over” you?
Do you often believe that you are not “good enough”?

We can help you improve your self-esteem by:
  • Identify the thoughts and characteristics that define who you are.
  • Assist you in making choices about what you like about yourself and what you would like to change.
  • Help you make the necessary changes to feel better about yourself.

Low self-esteem is not a life sentence.

Positive self esteem and self empowerment can make the difference of the quality of life you lead.  How we view ourselves directs and manages how we choose to live our lives.  It can limit and restrict us or allow us the freedoms to pick and choose our destiny.
We at Relationship Solutions Center believe that each individual teaches others how to treat him or her.  If you are in a situation that threatens your self-esteem or self-empowerment, have negative thoughts, self-sabotaging feelings, or perhaps were never given effective tools to enhance your self-esteem, we at Relationship Solutions Center can help.

Healthy self-esteem is based on your ability to assess yourself accurately and still be able to accept and to value yourself unconditionally.  We can help you to learn to accept yourself as worthy and worthwhile without conditions or reservations.  You can design your destiny.  You can engineer an optimal personal blueprint for living, which will be created when your vision of self is true.

With self-esteem issues, sometimes depression or anxiety issues need to be addressed as well. We treat the whole relationship through gentle solution-focused strategies.

We can counsel, model and give you the tools to increase your self-esteem to empower yourself so YOU can enrich your life.

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“No one can make you feel inferior without your permission.”

Eleanor Roosevelt


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